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Bluebird Lane

About Bluebird Lane Fjords

A male Eastern Bluebird on our Sumac tree

A male Eastern Bluebird on our Sumac tree (photo by Stefan)

Why the Name Bluebird Lane?

Shortly after moving to our rural property we were inspired by a local bird-enthusiast, Barrie Hopkins, who wrote an article in our local paper about the plight of the Eastern Bluebird.

The species had lost up to 90% of its population through a combination of loss of habitat, wide-spread pesticide use, and competition with non-native starlings and house sparrows.

That year, following Barrie’s published plan, we made and put up four bluebird houses. Since then we have continued to add more, and now our half-mile laneway and all our horse pastures are lined with bluebird houses.

There are definite advantages to providing habitat for the bluebird. In addition to its beauty and happy song, its diet consists almost exclusively of insects and grubs during the summer – a boon for gardeners and farmers.

Long a symbol of love and happiness in poetry and song, the Eastern Bluebird now symbolizes hope as well. The species is reappearing in regions where it hasn’t been seen in years. This recovery is due to grassroots efforts to supply nesting boxes throughout its range.

We named our Fjordhorse farm to honour this beautiful and happy bird.

What do you get when you buy a “Bluebird Lane” Fjord?
  • You get a horse bred from carefully selected imported bloodlines.
  • A horse whose breeding was based on a knowledgable matching of sire to dam.
  • A horse who was foaled, raised, handled daily and trained by experienced horse-people.
  • You get on-going support from dedicated, knowledgeable Fjord experts.
  • You get a horse who is properly cared for, with correct deworming, vaccination, professional hoof care, timely dental care, and a correct and balanced feeding program.
  • You get total honesty and integrity in all our dealings.
  • You get a quality experience, a fair price, and a willing partner to enjoy!
We want to sell you a Fjordhorse you will enjoy as much as we enjoy ours!