Our Horses
Our Horses

Bluebird Lane Helix

  • Gelding, 14.1 hh
  • Felix X Cindy (1.premie) by Ostar
  • Date of Birth: 2005-05-20
  • Breeder: Lori Albrough, Canada

Helix was sired by the well known and respected Norwegian-imported stallion Felix and out of the Dutch-imported first-premium mare Cindy.

Both Cindy and Felix have a long list of accomplishments as quality producers, including each having had two offspring winning Gold Medals from the Netherlands Fjord Studbook! Actually four of the six Gold Medals awarded at the Ontario Fjord Show went to horses sired or produced by Felix or Cindy. What an accomplishment!

Helix brings these two desirable lines together, and exhibits his father’s flowing movement and typey head, and his mother’s kind eye and temperament.

Helix’s dam Cindy was the first broodmare at Bluebird Lane and her contribution has been huge. Soon after we got Cindy, we were pleased to be approached by total strangers at our first Fjord show to be told that they greatly admired Cindy for the quality of her offspring. Having now had plenty of opportunity to work with so many of Cindy’s babies ourselves, we know what they were talking about!

Cindy was imported from Holland, a 1st premium daughter of Ostar and Louise (a Model mare and daughter of Alfred). Ostar is a sire of many outstanding mares, including the Elite mare Viola. Cindy is the only Ostar daughter presently living in North America. Cindy has many ster and model mares in both her maternal and paternal background. Cindy’s maternal grandmother, Gea, is a ster mare whose father was the Elite Danish stallion Ooigaard Damgaard. On her sire’s side is the excellent stallion Westman (sire of her paternal grandfather Einar). Westman was responsible for some of the best foundation stock in Holland. After producing Helix, at age 23 Cindy was retired from breeding. She is still healthy, sound and in active use as a pleasure driving and riding horse with our friends Bob and Denise Ward in Rockwood Ontario.