Our Horses
Our Horses

The Fjordhorses of Bluebird Lane

We are pleased to introduce you to the members of our Fjord herd! Our herd of Fjord horses usually numbers between six and twelve individuals. Besides Mogly and our core group of mares, we generally have a few young horses we are bringing along, and some sales prospects in the works. The details of each horse can be seen by clicking on their name below.

Mogly (ster, prestatie)
  • Stallion, 14.2 hh (147 cm)
  • Cannon Bone: 8.5 in (21.5 cm)
  • Colour: Brown Dun (mother is grey)
  • Mosby X St.Pr.St Inka by Illiano
  • Date of Birth: 1998-04-03
  • Breeder: Josef Borsbach, Germany


Mogly is an imported Norwegian Fjord approved breeding stallion. He has been ranked a Ster – 1st Klas stallion and Prestatie stallion. These are the top designations possible in both conformation and performance.

Mogly was born in 1998. He was bred in Germany by Josef Borsbach.

As a 3 year old Mogly was approved as a breeding stallion, being the top prize-winning stallion at his stallion licensing in Aachen Germany! He went through the 30-day performance test, achieving the impressive score of 83%, including scoring 9’s for temperament in all categories of testing.



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