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Sold Horses

Bluebird Lane Oriole

  • Mogly X Rjelgrimm by Myrstein
  • Brown Dun Mare
  • Date of Birth: 2011-06-12

Super Sweet and Sporty Young Mare!

Fabulous young mare bred and raised here at Bluebird Lane. Check out her pedigree, they don’t get any more impressive than this, simply chock-full of horses designated Ster, Prestatie, A-premie, Elite, and, and States Premium Mare!

Oriole’s breeding shows in her overall quality, wonderful conformation, and impressive movement. She is of definite breeding quality. Sire’s dam is grey so she carries possibility of grey dun.

I'm so fancy!

This mare would be of particular interest for dressage and sport, or those who want to breed for it. She is forward thinking, covers ground beautifully, and uses her hind end really well. Think “sport pony in a Fjord suit” complete with Fjord-sensible attitude, and you’ve got her.

Oriole has a very feminine pretty face and engaging personality, really everything about this young lady is just SO appealing it will melt your heart. What a treat to have such a lovely face and gentle nicker greeting you each day!

Oriole's face

At two and a half Oriole is ready to start your way in the spring. Her temperament is willing and compliant, and she has been well-handled since birth with all good experiences in her background. She leads, ties, cross-ties, goes in the wash rack, and is good with clippers, and for the farrier and vet.

Oriole has been well cared for her entire life, her shots and deworming have always been kept up-to-date, teeth floated and wolf teeth are removed.

We live surrounded by conservation forest, so she is accustomed to deer and wild turkeys popping out of the woods, and wild life in general. She was raised outside in a small herd, running in our large fields as much as possible, and being brought into the barn daily for grain and handling. This method of bringing on our young horses results in strong bones, wind, and heart, as well as sensible, happy horses who are comfortable with their place both with other horses and with their human handlers.

Oriole has been gently and carefully brought along and is ready for a performance, pleasure, or breeding home!

Very excited to announce that Oriole is going to a performance home in Quebec. Congratulations!

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Oriole trot behind

Oriole trot side