Our Breeding Program
Breeding Program

Our Fjord Horse Breeding Program

Rjelgrimm (Myrstein (Elite) X Carla (Ster, Prestatie))

Rjelgrimm (Myrstein (Elite) X Carla (Ster, Prestatie))

At Bluebird Lane our breeding program is based on our outstanding mares. We are in agreement with those experienced horsepeople who believe that 60% of the foal comes from the mare. Our experience has certainly borne out the importance of the mare’s contribution to the offspring!

Accordingly, our mares were chosen for their exceptional qualities in conformation, movement, breed type, temperament, performance, and pedigree. We only breed the quality Fjord mare that we ourselves love to ride, drive, show, and enjoy! Soundness of mind and body is 100% pre-requisite to being a broodmare at Bluebird Lane.

Our mare group is small and focused, and goes back to our original mares imported from Holland, all daughters of Elite Dutch stallions. Elite is the loftiest designation (in fact I know of only seven Elite stallions) and in order to earn it, a stallion must first earn the following: Model, Ster, Prestatie, Keur, and Preferente! These designations indicate top qualities in conformation, movement, performance, fertility, and quality of offspring.

Bluebird Lane Kestrel (Felix X Roza / Fjelljon (Elite) X Lisa (Ster)) with colt Osprey sired by Mogly

Bluebird Lane Kestrel
Felix X Roza / Fjelljon (Elite) X Lisa (Ster)
with colt Osprey sired by Mogly

Since a mare doesn’t only pass on her own qualities, but those of her lineage, strong proven pedigrees are a key in breeding for quality. Our mare herd features Ster dam-lines all the way back, and the stallions: Myrstein (Elite), Fjelljon (Elite), and the highly influential Norwegian stallion Felix, renowned world-wide for the quality of his offspring.

While experienced breeders know that a very good mare can be bred to a not-so-good stallion and she will still produce a useable product, the quality of our mares inspires us to seek out only the best-of-the-best for our girls! That is why we are co-owners of the Approved breeding stallion Mogly (Ster, Prestatie).

Mogly’s pedigree reads like an International Who’s Who of the top German, Norwegian, Dutch, Danish, and Swedish Fjordhorses. Birgit Mortenson of the Danish Fjordhorse Society says Mogly’s pedigree makes him “one of the most International Fjord stallions I know!”

Stallion Mogly (Mosby X St.Pr.St. Inka / Illiano) ridden by Lori in Wellington, FL

Stallion Mogly
(Mosby X St.Pr.St. Inka / Illiano)
Ridden by Lori in Wellington, FL

Mogly’s dam Inka is a States Premium Mare in Germany, a beautiful grey dun daughter of the stallion Illiano. This gives Mogly the ability to sire grey offspring, in fact he has the genotype to sire all of the five accepted colours of the Fjordhorse, depending on the mare.

Mogly himself is a dream horse with breath-taking movement, superior conformation, outstanding temperament and rideability, great work ethic, and movie star good looks. And, best of all, when paired with our mares, he is passing these qualities on to his offspring! As a breeder it is gratifying to be producing these exceptional Fjord horses which are improving the breed in North America, and Mogly is a big part of taking our vision to this level.


Our small and select breeding program has produced many of North America's top Fjordhorses!