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A Series of Photos of Training Half-Steps

by Lori Albrough

piaffe8Last Sunday Ooruk and I had a really nice training session working with my coach Summer McEwan (that’s her on the ground in the second photo below).

The neat thing about this particular training was that Stefan was home, and he took a series of photos of us training the piaffe, which I can now share with you! Parenthetically, it’s probably more correct to call it half-steps than piaffe at this point, although I am certainly thinking “on-the-spot”.

This photo series provides a nice snap-shot of our on-going work towards developing improved balance and self-carriage. These concepts have really been the theme of our training this summer!

Click on any photo to see it larger.

We began introducing these concepts to this horse on long-lines and through work in-hand earlier this summer. Let me know if you have any questions or comments, which I will address in a future article!


4 Responses to “A Series of Photos of Training Half-Steps”

  1. Alice MacGillivray wrote:

    I have several questions, Lori.

    Could you describe why and how you began with long-lines and in-hand?

    How do you see half-steps fitting in with other techniques you use for balance and self-carriage? Are there related “prerequesites?”


  2. Mary wrote:

    Wow, Lori, you both look fantastic! It’s a lot of work. Hope you can make it up the levels while you are young & have the energy. Many of us Fjord owners are older. So it’s great to see you doing so much!

  3. holly wrote:

    Hi there,
    i was wondering how you get your horses coats so shiny? I own a fjord horse and would love for her coat to look like your horses.

  4. Lori Albrough wrote:

    Thanks! I feed 1 cup of ground flax per horse per day, and use the round rubber curry daily.

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