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Caledon Silver Show

by Lori Albrough

We had a great time showing at the Caledon Dressage Silver Show in Orangeville on July 6 and 7!

Fresh off our recent clinics with Christian Garweg and Ashley Holzer, I was feeling confident and well-prepared. In our first test, Second Level Test One, Ooruk and I had a great go and won our class with a super score of 76.714%!

Scoring 8’s on all three of my rider collective marks on this test immediately earned me my membership in the Caledon “8 Club”. Nice!

The next day Mother Nature decided to throw some challenges our way. A deluge of rain poured down all morning, with a total of three inches falling and turning both rings into lakes. The organizers put a hold on the show, and started up again when the water had cleared.

Although the ground was once again visible, it was covered in puddles and the going was slippery. A lot of competitors decided to scratch, but I wanted to ride. Reasoning that my Fjord wasn’t made of glass and could look after himself, I ventured into my test. And, look after himself he did, starting our test eventing-style with a big leap over the puddle in the entrance at A!

Not what I was hoping for, to be sure. It was a great training opportunity though, and by our second test he had ponied up and was gamely splashing through the mud and the muck. 🙂

All in all, a valuable experience and a lot of fun!


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  1. Alice MacGillivray wrote:

    Love the “enter at a collected leap.” He and Bocina must have shared puddle tactics over the fence. Congratulations on the well-deserved scores.

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