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The Fjord Horse: As Seen on The Bachelor!

by Lori Albrough

A Fjord Horse on The BachelorEveryone is asking “What breed of horse was that featured on ABC’s The Bachelor?” Yes, it was a Fjord horse!

In the episode where they go to Lindzi’s parent’s horse farm in Ocala, FL, the couple goes for a carriage drive… pulled by a Fjord gelding called Devon. Devon is 24 years old this year and he did a great job representing the Fjord breed on The Bachelor!

How can it be a Fjord when it doesn’t have the traditional golden colour that you normally associate with a Fjord? Well, Fjords actually come in five shades of dun, and Devon is a grey. You can see all five of the colours here.

There is actually a very interesting back story to Lindzi and Devon. At the Pacific North West Fjord show many years ago, they held a fund-raising raffle of a Fjord weanling. They don’t do these raffles anymore because of the difficulty of ensuring a good match for the young horse. But that particular year they still did it, and they raffled off Devon. Lindzi was just a little girl, but she won him!!

It worked out really well because Lindzi’s mother trained and drove Devon for Lindzi until she got much older. He was a combined driving horse for her mother and became quite the super-star at the Fjord shows with Lindzi. He was so good that their young competitors were sometimes heard muttering “Devon This, Devon That.”

What is next for this fairy tale story? Will Devon the Fjord now help Lindzi find her future husband? 🙂

Here is a link to the episode of The Bachelor with Devon the Fjord. The video will only work in the USA.


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