Sold Horses
Sold Horses

Bluebird Lane Tyvjo

  • Gelding, 14.3 1/2 hh
  • Light Brown Dun
  • Mogly X Bocina by Prisco
  • Date of Birth: 2009-05-30
  • Breeder: Lori Albrough

Tall Gelding with Wonderful Temperament and More!

Tyvjo (pronounced Teev-Yo) was bred here at Bluebird Lane, and combines the exceptional bloodlines of our imported ster & prestatie stallion Mogly, out of Bocina, a super daughter of my former top dressage horse Prisco, also a successful pleasure- and combined-driving horse. I’ve ridden all three of these wonderful horses extensively, and it’s so gratifying to see their traits coming together in this remarkable gelding, who is rising five years old.

Tyvjo was sold as a yearling to a young couple with two kids as an all-around family horse. Their goals were that he grow up to be gentle enough for the kids, fun and athletic enough for Mom to ride, have the temperament to be trained as a driving horse, and be big and quiet enough to carry Dad — who doesn’t usually ride and weighs in at 240 lb — on the occasional trail-ride. He grew up to be all that, but unfortunately Mom has sustained a non-horse-related back-injury and can’t ride, and the kids are still too small to ride on their own. As a result, Tyvjo has come back to Bluebird Lane to have his training brushed up and to be sold.

This is a very tall Fjord, standing 14.3 1/2 hh. Can carry any size rider. He has a lot of substance, with big round hard feet and great bone. This big boy has a beautiful head and extremely appealing face and demeanour. His conformation and leg angles are very correct. He is a more horse-like Fjord with a longer back so he will be able to bend and go sideways with ease.

This horse is very soft in his temperament and wants to please. When he gets startled or worried, his natural reaction is to slow down or stop and think the situation through.

Tyvjo has been introduced and exposed to a wide variety of things in his life. The pictures show what a great temperament he has! He has been desensitized to the tarp, beach balls rolling under and gently bouncing off of him, he has been ponied off another horse through the village and at busy events, and has been trailered to get exposure off-property. He has been shown, earning Champion in the Walk/Trot Division. He has been trained to ground-drive in harness and drag the single-tree around. Shows the temperament to be a driving horse, which his father and mother’s-father are both exceptional examples of.

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The majority of Tyvjo’s training to date has been trail-riding. He is road safe and goes through water and over bridges without hesitation. He is used to going out alone. He has been out trail-riding once with another horse and rider, and he was good but he occasionally tried to play with the other horse, who was his paddock mate. So he needs work riding with other horses. Overall he is still green, as he hasn’t done a lot of any one thing, but his exposure has been varied and all his experiences have been good.

Since arriving at Bluebird Lane we are now focusing on Tyvjo’s dressage training. He is green, but doing so well. He doesn’t totally have his leads yet, but wow what a great canter! Will be very special as he learns better balance under the rider. His mouth is soft and he is easy to put together.

Tyvjo is not lazy and he is also not a nervous-energy type. He nicely accepts the leg and reacts properly to driving aids. I’ve been impressed by how beautifully he handles himself when we are in the arena during this cold, windy, and rainy spring. Our arena has uninsulated steel walls and no ceiling or insulation under the roof, so it gets very loud in the wind and rain, and that can be hard on a young horse or one unfamiliar with arena noises, but he has dealt with it as a non-issue.

Tyvjo is sound and healthy, is UTD on his vaccinations, his wolf teeth have been removed and his teeth floated on a regular basis, including this spring.

This is an ideal horse for someone who has horse experience from other breeds, and is ready to work with a horse who is easy-to-do-business-with. I’m not recommending him for a beginner or small child, as he needs more mileage. A youth rider with experience would be fine.

This horse represents a package of qualities seldom seen in one individual. Exceptional opportunity!

Congratulations to Tyvjo’s new owner, here in Ontario!