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Wren Arrives Safely in Calgary

by Lori Albrough

The big rig to Calgary

Bluebird Lane Wren left here on the morning of September 23rd, and arrived safe and sound at her new owner’s stable in Calgary, AB early on Sept 25th.

Perry Transport picked Wren up here on Monday morning at 10:00 am and brought her back to their yard, to be loaded on the big air-ride truck for the 36 hour trip to Calgary. We had been practicing trailer-loading in advance, and Wren loaded up beautifully and shipped well.

Her new owner reported, “Wren arrived early yesterday morning. What a great transport company! She was very relaxed and calm for a young horse that was travelling for several days. She came right off the trailer and was a bit nervous to start; but, overall did really well. The farrier was not yet in; but, lots of hub-bub while everyone was bringing in their horses to get ready for him. She was really relaxed the whole time and very curious about it all. She really likes to look at things versus shying or spooking. Very lovely.”

And the final word: “She has got to be the sweetest thing I’ve ever seen and so laid back.”

Thanks to Perry Transport for doing a great job, as usual, and the best of luck to Wren at her new home!


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