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NFHR Annual Meeting

by Lori Albrough

Mathematical Accuracy of the NFHR Scoring SystemHere I am at the Norwegian Fjord Horse Registry’s annual meeting held in Norco, CA.

I was there to present a talk entitled “Mathematical Accuracy of the NFHR Evaluation Scoring System”.

The subject of precision versus accuracy – in the mathematical sense of the terms – is a hugely important one that is becoming widely recognized in the judging of horse sports. This recognition is happening at all levels, right up to International Championships and Olympics.

My challenge was to present the math in a way that every layman could understand. Thanks to everyone who told me I succeeded! I definitely had a blast doing it. I was harkened back to my University days as a TA for Engineering Math.

Being in sunny California for four days in February, and connecting with Fjord friends both old and new, made for a lovely winter interlude.


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